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A time for reflection

So, hi.

I’ve started and stopped a thousand blogs over the years, and none of them really stuck. But with a new decade comes a new attempt and with this new start comes a lot of reflection.

The last decade saw a lot of change in my life. I left an insanely toxic job and gave up the career I thought I wanted that I’d been pursuing for many, many years. With both came the lifting of an immense weight I hadn’t realized was weighing me down but I was amazed at how much better I felt once it was gone.

I started a business, I found new challenges, I joined a company that helped me thrive. I went back to school, learned new skills, and then I did it again and am learning even more.

Now, it’s time to focus on a more personal level.

My goal here is to purely share what’s going on in my world. My quest to get healthy, to learn to cook, to make my home a warm and friendly place to live in. A place that feels like the sanctuary I’ve never had but always wanted. If I share something helpful along the way, even better.

Thanks for joining me.

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